OnePlus One: the Accessories

OnePlus announced their accessories for their latest ‘flagship killer’ earlier today on their forums and at the moment, it is unknown whether they will be available for purchase or by invite. Prices haven’t been released yet and a date has not been announced either but hopefully, the One’s cheap price will be reflected on it’s accessories.

To see the official forum post, click here

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Interview with CazuaLLUK – 45,000+ Subscribers

Liam Biggs, the creator of the CazuaLLUK brand is a Portsmouth based British Youtuber that has over time created a fanbase of nearly 50,000 subscribers. His technology/gaming based channel is quite popular and this article will be an interview with the man himself.
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My 5 Favourite Youtubers – April 2014

Welcome to the third part in my ‘Top 5 Youtubers of the Month’ series! During this article I will be showcasing five Youtubers that have stood out to me and dedicated time and effort to produce great videos over the past month. I will show their subscriber count, their social media links and why I like their channel. Be sure to remember that these brilliant Youtuber’s are placed in no particular order.

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