What is Retina Display?

The term ‘Retina Display’ is used frequently when describing different electronics. Many people have heard of the term but don’t actually know what it means.

To define it, Retina Display is a type of screen that Apple uses on their products. It is claimed to be so sharp, that at a normal distance you cannot see the individual pixels on the screen.

Resolution and Pixels

In order to understand this topic more, we need to discuss pixels. All screens are made up thousands of points of light called pixels. The more pixels there are, the sharper and clearer your display is.
The detail in a display is called it’s resolution which is measured by the number of pixels on the horizontal and vertical axis. For example, an iPhone 5’s resolution is 640×1136. Resolution can also be measured in pixels per inch (ppi) which also considers the screen’s size, giving a more accurate reading of the screen by showing the pixel density. If there are more pixels in an inch, the display will be more detailed.
Here is a comparison of pixels:
Retina Displays vary in pixel density according to different devices due to screen sizes. For Apple smartphones, the pixel density is 326ppi when held closest to your face. For iPads the pixel density is 264ppi and for MacBooks the pixel density is 220ppi.
 I hope this post has helped you understand Retina Display, pixels and resolution.

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